Facebook introduces its new feature: The Facebook 360

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media account where people can connect, share, communicate and gather information from their family, friends and acquaintances. Facebook users can share or re-share anything under the sun. Facebook doesn’t even limit the number of posts a person share on their account, for as long as it doesn’t break any of its rules.

One of the most common thing Facebook users do is to share their photos – may it be an old one or a recent post. Sharing photos on Facebook is considered as a daily habit of people who loves sharing everything they and wanted to do.

Recently, Facebook released an update regarding the new feature called the Facebook 360. Its feature is perfect for:

Basically, the Facebook 360’s usage is stated on its name itself, meaning the photo must be captured 360° for it to properly work.

The Facebook 360 is actually:



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