Social Commerce: From Physical Stores to Selling on Facebook

Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have become very cautious when buying their necessities or other products they need. They tend to avoid crowded places such as groceries, markets, cinemas, restaurants and more. When Community Quarantines took effect, consumers have started to look into online shops and delivery services to get the goods they need for the lockdown. This puts social commerce in the spotlight.

Social commerce is the use of social networking platforms, like Facebook, to promote your products, handle customer inquiries, and even take payments to some extent.

If you’re planning to start an online business or trying to expand your distribution channels, Facebook is one of the top platforms to use in the Philippines. The number of daily active users this January 2020, is around 2 billion every day. At least 45 million users are in the Philippines. 

What makes Facebook a great platform for a selling? 

Businesses usually create their Facebook Business Page for them to be close to their clients. They can include important information on their page such as location and contact number. 

Aside from the number of users, Facebook has very easy features that everyone can use when wanting to sell their own products. When placing ads, it costs lower than the usual advertisement tools such as television, radio and magazines. It can even target your audience by their demographics, location and interests. When you invest in placing an ad on television, you still need to check what type of market is watching on one show where you want to place your ad. Facebook can already do that for you for a much lower price. 

Having your business page on Facebook can even help you with your brand loyalty. When consumers see how active you are in your page, fast responses to inquiries and daily to weekly postings, they are more likely to interact with you. 

When you’re on Facebook, it is also easier to see the activities of your competitors, especially if they have their own Facebook Page as well. You may be able to monitor their postings and other actions such as promos and discounts. 

Businesses are turning to the online world because it is where their potential customers are. Social media is a place where you can meet different kinds of potential customers with different kinds of needs. Make sure to target properly the right audience so you can meet their needs and increase your sales.


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